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Agitators often have to be modified for different processes. Let us think, for example, of stirring varnishes of different colours or, to take an example from cosmetics, different shades of lipstick. How do we reconcile frequent changes with hygiene and speed?

We offer you the convenient and reliable solution to this problem: Our eco-Quick series makes your process changes quick and clean.

eco-Quick quick-change system

The agitator shaft and impeller must of course be replaced first for the new medium.

With just one pull downwards you can loosen the agitator shaft from its anchorage – without screws, without tools. In addition to clean handling, we also prevent foreign objects from slipping away and falling into the container. Just as quickly, pulling down again, insert the new agitator shaft again.

Quick-change system for agitator shafts

eco-Quick lid inlay

After the mixing process, not only the agitator shaft and impeller are dirty. Often we forget the inside of the lid. Splashes that occur during the stirring process collect here. In the worst case, the accumulations will drip into the new medium.

Easily release the lid inlay with integrated grid from the anchorage using a pneumatically operated foot pedal. This means that you have both hands free to put the lid inlay with the container and agitator shaft aside and put on the new equipment. The clean inlay is reattached using the foot pedal.

Lid inlay for agitators

See how easy the handling is in our video:

In addition to the stirring process itself, our eco-Quick series ensures a clean and hygienic working environment. Let our experts advise you.

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