Ferritfreier/magnetfeldfreier Motor ermöglicht Einsatz im Magnetfeld eines MRT-Gerätes/MagnetresonanztomographenThe ETH Zurich is one of the most famous technical universities of Europe and the biggest technical university of Switzerland. It is famous for its excellent accomplishments in research.

The university and its product development division Zurich (pd|z) (http://www.pdz.ethz.ch) of Prof. Mirko Meboldt currently concentrate on the transportation of blood by a blood pump without producing magnetic fields. Aim is to get knowledge about the optimal blood circulation of babies and toddlers with heart defects during an open heart surgery. The MRI technology should help to more precisely determine the parameters for optimal blood volume and blood pressure. The pump would need to be placed as near to the MRI machine as possible to minimise the blood volume needed in the system. To avoid interferences of the MRI imaging, however, devices which generate magnetic fields or which can be magnetized by external magnetic fields are not allowed in the near environment of the MRI machine.

This is the reason why the project team searched for a blood pump drive which neither was magnetic itself nor could be magnetized by external magnetic fields or could gravite towards such fields. Their search involved several kinds of pump concepts, electric Piezo motors, and various hydraulic and pneumatic motors. Finally, the team found their solution in the ferrite-free PTM motor. The PTM motor performed to their fullest satisfaction in all tests. The team saw the advantage of our motor in the small number of moveable parts which could generate magnetic flows or heat. Additionally, the motor’s most components are made of the risk-free materials plastic and ceramics. The motor could be fixed without having to use any other devices or parts, which was important due to space limitations. The project leader commended us for the openness with which we reacted to the challenges of the project. The univerity will finalise the project with product maturity and a technical publication.

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