Paint supply systems are seldom standard. In most cases, there are many individual requirements depending on considerations that influence construction, selection of components, performance and construction size of the system. These considerations may include different stirring tank sizes, numerous types of systems to remove liquids, or simple or complex control systems and much more. The active discussion between manufacturer and customer is important but also flexibility and know-how. This always kept in mind, we met our customer, the company Loba GmbH & Co. KG with its business seat in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, and their special requirements regarding their paint supply system.

Paint supply system in model view

The company Loba GmbH & Co. KG is an international operating company with its core business in the fields of design, finishing and care of hardwood and parquet floors. Loba’s work equipment includes different liquids like oils, cleansers, primers and much more. Of course, stirring technology plays a major role in the processing of the substances.

The requirements were the following:

  • Three lifting stations with agitators for 200 litre containers
  • Stainless steel caps with ¾-caps and inspection flaps
  • Suction lances with removal system to fill liquids in small containers
  • Pumps
  • Central control unit

So far, so good. But now follow the special challenges:

Highly viscous substances – no problem with high-performance drives

The substance to be stirred was highly viscous and also had a high density. This would be a great challenge for most drives. Especially electric and vane motors as high-speed drives with low torque could generate such high performances only when supported by a transmission. But this is a perfect task for the high-performance PTM stirrer drives. After some tests, we chose the drive with a torque of 32 Nm, which is the third strongest motor of the PTM product portfolio. This relatively high torque enables the drive to easily slide through every viscid fluid. For processors of adhesives, fillers, viscid foodstuff, heavy oils and other highly viscous substances, the high-performance PTM drives are often the reasonable solution.

How to easily handle different stirrer tanks

The containers of Loba all have a capacity of 200 litres. But they differ in height. The lifting stations would have to automatically adjust themselves to the height of the containers. By integrating a special switch our engineers solved two problems at the same time. First, the lifting stations now stop at the exact position needed. And second, the agitators only start to stir when the switches are activated and the systems completely closed, which makes the process safe. The agitators are switched off again immediately as soon as the cap is lifted up.

Central control keeps the overview

The three stations are controlled easily and time-saving by a central control unit. The unit controls all three components of the stations: agitators, lifting stations and pumps – via just one display. The display also allows the operator to have an overview over the whole system at one glance.

Customer-specific removal concept facilitates process

For the small container sizes from two to ten litres, Loba needed an especially designed removal system. Result of our development is a system similar to nozzles at a petrol station. Special gimmick is that the nozzles can be plugged in the caps so that excess liquid drops back into the container, no drop is lost, the environment around the containers stays clean.

Together with our in-house production, development department and assembly department you develop your individual paint supply system professionally and cooperatively.
We support you in all aspects concerning stirring and drive technology: motors, stirrer drives, agitators with their accessory and complete systems. After the project’s end, we do not leave you out in the rain. In case of any questions or queries, our after-sales service will be at your disposal. Our experts are looking forward to your contact: +49 8134 25 797 0 or

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