Imagine you are in a large bakery. A conveyor belt pushes fine pastries through the oven. You can smell the wonderful smell of breakfast. And then … the lights go out, the machines go down, the conveyor belts suddenly stop. Nothing works anymore … power failure.

What happens to the good pastries now? With the electrically operated conveyor belts for the baked goods, as well as all other current-dependent devices and machines, nothing moves anymore. The residual heat from the oven causes the baked goods to burn and simmer in the trays. Not only the delicious smell and the pastries are gone, the trays too. And unfortunately that’s exactly how it actually happened in practice.

Our compressed air motors can be real helpers in an emergency in the event of a power failure. Because:
With a compressed air reservoir, our compressed air motors can still carry out important activities or safety processes when everything else has already come to a standstill. All you need is an economical and powerful PTM compressed air motor with a compressed air tank. An electromagnetic valve with spring return automatically opens the tank as soon as the magnetism breaks due to the power failure.

Our compressed air motors can thus open and close safety hatches, flaps and valves or supply lines, paths and gates in the event of a power failure, drive conveyor belts, move loads and much more. Processes can be terminated or secured. In the event of our power failure in the bakery, the motor could have driven the conveyor belts completely without electricity until all the baked goods were removed from the oven.

In such emergency situations, another advantage of our air motors comes into play: They are resilient to a standstill. This means that our motors can, for example, completely close safety devices and then simply stop without them having to be switched off manually. They then no longer need any energy and cannot overheat.

This is also very important for safety precautions in the event of a fire, as no one has to return to switch off the motors.

Druckluftmotor Edelstahl mit ATEX Zertifizierung, IP68 wasserdicht, Reinraumtauglich, sterilisierbar
Druckluftmotor Basic
Druckluftmotor ferritfrei

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