Tripod agitators


Our tripod agitators eco-Station reduce the efforts for exchanging containers to a minimum. We offer tripod agitators in all sizes: For laboratory reagents to IBC containers.

The exchange of containers can be done easily and cleanly by just one person by means of an automatic lifting system. Our tripod agitators are best combined with our quick-change system for agitator shafts.

ATEX certified by TÜV Süd

ATEX certified, all tripod agitators are applicable in explosive areas of ATEX zone 1 and, with zone separation, of ATEX zone 0/1.

100% occupational safety

Our tripod agitators can be equipped with special safety features to guarantee a safe handling. The safety switch-off eco-Stop switches off the agitator as soon as the cap is lifted. The two-hand control eco-Two prevents the operator from reaching into moving parts of the station with a free hand. An emergency stop immediately switches of the whole system in case of accidents or potentially hazardous situations. Our tripod agitators comply with all occupational safety requirements.

Technical data and contact

Besides our three standard sizes for hobbocks, drums and IBC containers, we are happy to design tripod agitators according to your individual requirements with regard to dimensioning and performance. To obtain technical data please click here. For direct contact to our experts, please click here.

IBC tripod agitator with container agitator and lifting station, ATEX certied
ATEX Stativrührwerke für Fass und Containerrührwerke
Stativrührwerk für Kleingebinde

Types of tripod agitators

Tripod agitator for small containers


  • with customised base frame for an ergonomic work height optional
  • with different levels to organise different container sizes
  • solid clamping device

Solid clamping

Tripod agitator for drums


  • safety grid at container opening optional
  • equipped with drum trolleys optional
  • agitator switch-off when cap is lifted optional
  • wall mounting possible
  • equipped with castors optional

Safety grid

Agitator switch-off

Tripod agitator for IBC containers


  • lifting height 1,200mm
  • optimal for the equipping by forklift or lift truck

Quick-change system for agitator shafts


  • exchange of agitator shafts within a few seconds
  • high-quality stainless steel
  • neither tools nor screws necessary



We gladly adapt the eco-Station to your individual needs.

Occupational safety

The eco-Station complies with all occupational safety requirements.


Due to its easy handling, the eco-Station enables the quick exchange of containers.


The vertical movements guarantees a clean handling.


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