A Czech customer, an exclusive automotive supplier to well-known automobile brands, used vane motors for his painting line in the past. The 75 motors stir paint in 200 liter barrels in continuous operation. Of course, with this amount of work he was concerned about profitability, energy consumption and costs. It quickly became clear that he had to modernize his painting line. The vane motors, which had long been technically outdated, had to give way to more innovative and more effective alternatives. So he found a worthy replacement in the economical and at the same time powerful radial piston motors from PTM mechatronics.

In order to prove his decision positively, he decided to compare the radial piston motor with the vane motor. Despite already high expectations, the results could still surprise him. Our customer saved € 221,791 in energy costs in the first year. the motors stir at relatively low speeds of approx. 100 rpm. Calculated at 300 rpm. that would be a saving of € 596,025 per year. The cost of the conversion was fully amortized within four months. Of course, he has not regretted this decision. And we are happy to have another satisfied customer.

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