Our customer cuts rubber mats with a thickness of up to 30mm with a rubber cutting machine. He was not satisfied with his previous solution: too loud, too weak, too heavy and the high compressed air consumption cost money. A new solution was needed.

Our joint project was about replacing the old drive with the powerful compressed air motor from PTM mechatronics. Our motor had to be fitted into the existing frame of the machine. Our developers reconstructed our customer’s cutting machine in the CAD program and integrated our motor into the design with customized flange and hub solutions.

Video: Our motor cuts through a 30mm thick rubber mat that easily.

After completing the project, our customer was enthusiastic about
… the low noise level.
… the extremely high performance with low weight.
… the robust construction of the drive without the use of plastic components.
… the fast and professional implementation of the project in PTM special development.
… the effortless cutting of its 30mm rubber sheets.

Gummischneidemaschine mit PTM Druckluftmotor
Gummischneidemaschine mit PTM Druckluftmotor

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