An Austrian customer, a manufacturer of fiber composites for wind turbines, sporting goods, industry and the aircraft industry, uses our IP68 watertight compressed air motors as a safety device for its pipeline system. Our customer needs a temperature of 230 degrees to process the composites. For this he uses oil heated to 230 degrees. He sends this through his production via pipes.

Our powerful radial piston motors are used to immediately close the pipe system in the event of leaks and to prevent large quantities of oil from leaking out and thus contaminating the environment. In addition, it closes large valves so that no oil gets into the sewer system.

The advantages of our radial piston motors for such applications with liquids and humid environments can be easily listed: The motors can be controlled easily and without electricity. Without the use of limit switches and controls, they are resilient to standstill. A simple switch valve closes the pipe system up to the stop and the motor stops. An electric motor would overheat here. Due to their purely mechanical structure and their waterproof construction according to protection class IP68, they can withstand the weather and system-related humid environment without any problems. Furthermore, the valve can also be closed redundantly by hand.

Before our customer modernized his safety system with our compressed air motors, the employees had to close the pipes with a diameter of 50cm by hand. This process lasting up to 3 minutes, 
that took far too long in an emergency. Today, our IP68 waterproof motors perform this task within a maximum of 45 seconds, even outdoors.
Solenoid valves open the compressed air supply, controlled by monitoring sensors on a PLC, so that the radial piston motors can do their work in an emergency.