ATEX Containerrührwerke, Fassrührwerke, Stativrührwerke, Hängerührwerke, Wandrührwerke StandstativrührwerkeRührwerke für IBC Container, Fässer, Kunststofffässer zum Aufrühren von DesinfektionsmittelnMany production processes underly European ATEX regulations due to their direct environment or the materials processed. The regulations are supposed to minimise explosion risks and protect people.

ATEX certification in theory

Devises and machines that are operated in ATEX areas must be ATEX certified by an approved audit body such as TÜV Süd. The ATEX certificate must be issued for the entire machine meaning every single component of a machine that consists of various different parts. Taking an agitator as example, the components, in a simplified form, are drive, agitator shaft and impeller.

In partice

After clarifiying the theory, how does that look like in practice? In practice, many manifacturers and operators take an ATEX-certified drive. Then, agitator shaft and impeller are attached. Now, the agitator is ready for use. Correct? Unfortunately not. For a safe operation that complies with all ATEX regulations, every sinlge part must be ATEX certified, including shaft and impeller. This makes sense, of course, considering what could happen if the certified drive was ATEX safe but agitator shaft and impeller could lead to ignition hazards due to their construction, material or assembly. In practice, many manufacturers and operators of machines are not aware of that fact unknowingly taking high liability risks in case of accidents.

PTM mechatronics has a modular construction system for agitators that is registered at TÜV Süd. Thanks to our flexible system, we are able to assemble every kind of ATEX safe agitator individually for all container sizes. We always consider bearing calculations, dimensioning of the agitator shaft, temperature development, torques, torsion, bending, shear forces and further specifications for a safe and result-oriented stirring process.

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