2-component systems mix two components that immediately react when they come into contact with one another. A practical example of a 2-component application is the two-component adhesive. Here two tubes separate the two components. When you press the slide, they come into contact and harden immediately. A 2-component system works in exactly the same way, only in a large format.

Our customer, a manufacturer of medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, stents or implantable defibrillators, needed a 2-component system to manufacture a potting compound. This in turn is used to encapsulate the pacemaker electronics.

Stirring and dosing system for 2-component application

The complex system consists of two tripod agitators for the two highly viscous components. The system is equipped with a pump and a central dosing system with a practical, centrally placed table for weighing the mixture on high-precision scales and for storing additional equipment.

The entire system, i.e. stands, agitators and pumps, is operated from a central control panel. The desk is two-coloured according to the Poka Yoke principle, labeled according to the component colours, in order to avoid mixing up the components when changing containers.

Two stainless steel drum trolleys with ESD rollers make changing containers easy and ergonomic. The system is already equipped with connections for the redundant supply of additional dosing systems.

With complex systems, you can only get a coherent and optimal work result through coordinated components. We build your complete stirring and dosing systems with your individual equipment in our in-house special development and assembly ready for use. You will receive in-depth advice and accompanying, complementary documentation.

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