Suction lance eco-Twin

ATEX Rührwerk mit integrierter Sauglanze-1

Our technology eco-Twin (ATEX zone separation 0/1) combines agitator shaft and suction lance in one component. For removal, the liquids are sucked out by means of a special construction inside the agitator shaft. The suction lance as an additional separate component inside the container is spared.

This has the following three important advantages:
First, after operation, only one component needs to be cleaned instead of two separate ones, saving time and cumbersome processes.

Second, by sparing one component, there is more space inside the container left. This plays a major role in small containers with already little volume and in containers with more functions that all need sufficient space.

Third, and the most important point, eco-Twin makes processes much safer considered from the ATEX safety perspective. Each additional component inside a container increases the risk of collision between them. Uncontrolled sparking would be the consequence and the risk of an explosion. The combination of agitator shaft and suction lance minimises this danger.

eco-Twin is designed customer-specifically according to your individual requirements.


ATEX safety

More security in explosive atmospheres.


eco-Twin is designed according to your individual requirements.


Quick and easy cleaning of just one component.


eco-Twin combines two tasks in one component.

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